Christmas Parade Tips and Instructions

Welcome to the city of Dallas. The Christmas parade board and the Dallas police department want everyone attending this event to enjoy the day. It is our desire that the parade is organized and flows as smoothly as possible. The following items have been provided in an effort to provide a clear understanding of the parade route and safety procedures. In order to make this event as enjoyable and safe as possible we ask that parade participants and visitors follow these requests. Have a fun and safe day at the parade. For PDF Map/Instructions click here.


Hardee Street in the area of Henderson's Collision

Hardee Street at the Dallas Elementary: Bands, ROTC and Horses


  1. Police officers are there to keep you safe and the traffic flowing. Pay attention to their commands.
  2. Stop only long enough to drop off people or supplies.
  3. Do not park in the road or block the flow of traffic.
  4. Do not park on Nathan Dean (SR 61) side of the roadway or on the bridge.
  5. Check parade map for parking and route, parade route and to return routes on map.


  1. Do not throw candy or any other item from floats or vehicles. Children run onto the roadway and could be hurt.
  2. Walk beside the float or vehicle and hand out candy.
  3. Stay with your group in assigned area.
  4. Do not block roadway.


  1. Be aware of children.
  2. Keep moving. The parade will stop if you stop.
  3. Police officers will be there to assist and direct after parade turns onto West Memorial Dr.
  4. The parade turns onto South Johnson St. Watch for officers to direct you. Do not stop.
  5. There is an area on S. Johnson St. for the bands. There is an area for the floats to stop for people to get off.
  6. Follow the return routes on parade map.


  1. Arrive early-limited parking and large crowds.
  2. Parking areas on parade map.
  3. If you used drop off area for a parade participant, then you may want to park at the end of the parade route.
  4. Pick a location to meet. This may save time, a long walk to the drop-off area and traffic congestion.
  5. Bring folding chairs.
  6. On main street please stay behind yellow ropes, for safety do not let children on the roadway.
  7. The horses will be at the end of the parade. They will have a police vehicle in front and one following them. Do not walk on the roadway. Main Street and Hardee Street will not open to traffic prior to the horses and their escorts turning onto Academy Drive.

Dallas Parade Map 1200

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