Paulding Rotary welcomes Dr. Rebecca Youngblood Vaughn

Rotary 3 19 2019Rotarian and club member Sam Elrod introduced Dr. Rebecca Vaughn a longtime member of the Paulding County community and a dermatologist with their practice in Hiram, GA. Dr. Vaughn thanked the Rotary Club for the opportunity to speak on behalf of her father's book and share her interest in his life story. Her father, Rufus Youngblood a Georgia native, served in the Secret Service for 20 years and wrote a book chronicling his time in the Secret Service and the five Presidents whom he protected.
Originally released in 1973 the book was well received, yet it fell short as a best seller, in that he did not try and sensationalize events by providing lurid details about the president's personal lives. Dr. Vaughn became more interested and intrigued by the life stories of her parents over the years. She invested time in searching family photo albums and letters, in addition to archive footage. This was to better illustrate her father's story through the accompanying photographic record of the era. In doing so, Dr. Vaughn met a rekindled public interest in her father's story. In recounting her father's humble beginnings, military service, education and decision to join Secret Service she shared many photographs that chronicled his time with presidents Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon during his 20 years of service.
Following her presentation, Dr. Vaughn answered questions from the interested club members and sold several books to those who are very intrigued by her father story. The title of the book "20 years in the Secret Service My Life with Five Presidents" by Rufus Youngblood. It is available online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble bookstore. For more information please visit

Ford Thigpen, Dr. Rebecca Youngblood Vaughn and Sam Elrod