Commissioner Carmichael visits the Paulding Rotary

The Paulding County Rotary Club welcomed Commissioner David Carmichael this past Tuesday, October 2nd. Chairman Carmichael thanked the Rotary Club once again welcoming him and recognized the club's unity in service to Paulding County. A service that has continued for many decades. Chairman Carmichael shared with the club many points of progress that have been made in our County and some that are very near to fruition. These projects include the Raccoon Creek Watershed, Richland Creek Reservoir and Dam, the Third Army Road Interchange, and the New Adult Attention In Law Enforcement Center. These represent major investments in the infrastructure of Paulding County and will decidedly improve the future of this county. In addition to these major projects, the chairman emphasized the 24/7 business applications and permits which are now available online as a major push forward in making Paulding County a business-friendly opportunity for growth. Rounding out the county's online presence he cited the information and resources that are now available for everyone to access through the Paulding County website. As with many of the projects that are evolving through the county there is still work to be done. Mr. Carmichael's outlook on accomplishing these tasks and many more were very optimistic and positive as the highlighted the great working relationship with his fellow commissioners, staff and team members in our local government.
Commission Chairman David Carmichael and his family moved our County in 1979. After his service in the Marine Corps as an instructor and pilot, Mr. Carmichael flew for Eastern Airlines and relocated to the Paulding community. As a commercial airline pilot, Mr. Carmichael had the opportunity to relocate, but he and his family chose to stay here because of the friendships and home they had made here. Chairman Carmichael took specific note of the influence of leadership and service that the Rotary has contributed to the county. As a concerned citizen with strong ties to the community, Mr. Carmichael expressed his determination to continue his service working to see our County grow and thrive for current and future generations.

ROT 10 1 19 3Brian Stover, Chairman David Carmichael, Angela Farries, Judge David Lyles, and Jackie Crum